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Name : Homeworld Language :
Genre : Strategy Subgenre :Real-Time; Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher : Sierra On-Line Year : 1999
Platform : Windows XP / 7 Added :N/A
Popularity: 578º / 2273 Downloads : 13

A discovery is about to turn the culture of Kharak upside down... The people, Kushan, are NOT native to Kharak at all. The discovery of the Guidestone is the ultimate proof that Kushan had came from another solar system, far away... And it's time to go home... The Mothership project united the world. Part base, part construction yard, the Mothership is capable of everything... As you never know what you will find in the void... Homeworld is a revolutionary 3D strategy game where you control a mothership and a fleet as you harvest resources, conduct research, and build up your fleet that can vary from small, fast, and nimble scouts to lumbering heavy cruisers. Move your camera in full 3D (up/down/around) and issue full 3D movement orders. Specify 3D formations for your ships, employ cloaked vessels to ambush enemy or employ salvage vessels to capture enemy ships... or defend against them with prox sensors and mines... The choice is yours. There is a 17-mission single player campaign, or you can play online in true internet multi-player. Read more:

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Original version of the game.

272 MB

CD provides the original game for a low price, giving all necessary support! Enjoy!

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