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Manhunter 2: San Francisco is the sequel to Manhunter New York. As the first game ended you had rid New York of the filthy man-eating Orbs from space and you were chasing the evil murderer Phil in your spaceship so that you could dole out the justice he deserved. You have now chased him clear across the United States and have crash landed in San Francisco which has also been taken over by Orbs and is meeting the same fate as New York was. As the story begins you take over the identity of a local manhunter that was accidentally killed when your spaceship crashed.This story, like New York, takes place over three days. As a manhunter the Orbs are using you to keep the populace in line. Each day you are presented with a case that you must solve using your MAD (Manhunter Assignment Device) and your detective skills. There is a list of things that must be accomplished each day and you will not be allowed to sleep until they are completed. Your true motivation as you are solving the cases is to kill Phil and rid San Francisco of the Orbs as you did in New York. Using your MAD to track the travels of your suspects you will visit San Francisco landmarks to investigate the murders and gather clues. The object of the game is to learn the identity of the suspects (both dead and alive) and learn their motives. As you proceed, your plan to eliminate Phil and the Orbs will begin to take shape.
Sierra Entertainment

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