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Full game but some of the contents such as music, videos or voices, may be removed to decrease the size of the game.

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Tags: Medieval / Fantasy
Added: 21.05.2012

Heaven's Dawn is a 3rd person fantasy adventure, similar in style and length to The Legend of Kyrandia. The graphics window is presented as a painting on an easel. By right-clicking a floating and scrollable inventory is accessed. By moving an inventory item over the main character a short description is given. A bag with paint brushes hanging on the easel gives access to the options window and an attached "note" gives access to a notebook/to-do list. The Gods have created a beautiful world, but humans have created sin. So mankind is cursed and should disappear. One of the heavenly beings doesn't want to obey, and asks her servant to go back in time and find someone from another dimension who can break the curse. Jeremy, a painter from New York, goes out at night and learns the story about a cursed land from a old man sitting on the sidewalk. Suddenly the man disappears, leaving his necklace behind, and Jeremy is transported to the cursed land. He ends up in an empty palace where he finds some diaries, the only remaining signs of King Drew III and his daughter Cassandra. More people are disappearing and parts of the land have become barren. Only if Jeremy succeeds in breaking the curse he will be able to return to his dimension. Read more: http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/heavens-dawn-

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