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Título: The Humans Bundle


Título: The Humans Collection


Tags: Lemmings Variant


Humans assemble!
Three games, one bundle, countless dumb ways to die: Cheat Darwin's laws in creative ways to keep your persistent primates stumbling through the ages, as they outlast prehistoric and futuristic threats alike. They may be awkward, stupid, and completely unfit for survival, but at least there are a lot of them! Humans 1
Witness the true miracle of progress as you guide your pathetic tribe of faltering forefathers, as they err through evolution across eighty-plus primordial playing levels. Wobble with the wheel. Wield wicked weapons. Summon spells from the Shaman to save stragglers from the dining dinosaurs. Each level will lift you up the evolutionary ladder. The higher you get, the further you have to fall. Hang on in there, your descendants are depending on you... Humans 2: The Jurassic Levels
"Just what the heck are HUMANS? and what are they doing in a computer game anyhow?"

We know, we've heard it before, they're strange, they're ugly, they're... stupid. But there's more to these HUMANS than meets the eye, for inside each and every one of them is a small but usable brain. Working as a team and discovering new tools (fire, weapons, the wheel, deodorant, etc.) is the key to survival in this cruel world of chaos and carnivores. It's a naive struggle against extinction, where you score points by finishing levels with as many of your tribesmen intact as HUMAN-ly possible.
Love, death, food... it's all here Humans 3: Evolution - Lost in Time
Kidnapped by aliens! Can you escape?!
Humans 3: Evolution - Lost in Time is a fast and furious race against time in which you seek to send back seven of Earth's greatest historical figures to their proper times after having made unscheduled departures at the rabid hands of a race of ALIEN ZOO KEEPERS!

The only snag is the six bits of the Time Machine required are scattered to the four winds (if that's possible) and they're going to take some finding, especially with the angry Aliens on your tail itching to fill that empty display cabinet.

Around the world and against the clock, in Evolution you must use your character's special abilities in conjunction with each other to solve puzzles that stand between you and your trip home, being sure to pick up the very dangerous and amusing Alien technology scattered around as you go.

A simple yet powerful point and click interface makes the game a joy to play, and Lost in Time is so packed with puzzles and laughs it'll keep you glued to the screen.

Hilarious spot-animations and animated cartoon sequences, combined with more additional features than you can shake a stick at, make Evolution - Lost in Time so good that you really should consider buying it.
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As the proud leader of the Dino Dudes, it’s up to you to lead your hairy band of Cro-Magnons to the top of the food chain. Discover fire, weapons, The Wheel . . . battle dinosaurs and rival tribesman . . . and do everything you can to survive – so your kids can someday invent cool stuff like malls, video games and of course, the bacon double-cheeseburger.

Become the dominant species using your wits and your Dudes
80 levels of Neanderthal puzzle-adventure
A cave-load of pre-historic enemies to battle, including dinosaurs and rival tribesmen
Tons of obstacles to overcome, including cliffs, boulders and famished carnivores
Discover and master the use of fire, spears, ropes, even powerful witch doctors

This package includes all 3 Humans games for PC! Humans 1, the Jurassic levels, and Lost in Time!
GameTek Inc.

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