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Título: Robinson's Requiem Collection


Tags: Simulation


Robinson's Requiem welcomes you to your new home. Your parachute has set you down in the heart of a jungle. You need to keep your eyes open all the time for anything that could prove useful. You'll have to stock up on food, and kit yourself out with the tools necessary for your survival. Remember to constantly check your health using your Sesame computer, always anticipate threats to your health rather than wait for the symptoms. Everything you need to stay alive on this planet is there, it's just a matter of using your ingenuity and intuition. But remember, staying alive is just the first stage in your bid to escape. Follow these guidelines and you may stand a fighting chance...

Deus' action takes place in the year 2165. The Alien World Exploration (AWE), a military organisation whose initial function was to explore unknown planets, now have full power. The AWE decided to create a new corporation to find and eliminate the most dangerous criminals. The DEUS were born. The term is a contraction of the phrase "Defend Us!", an advertising slogan used to encourage the Robinsons to enlist.

And You? You are Trepliev1, the famous Robinson, who allowed the AWE to take control. You are rapidly sidelined by the AWE who mistrust your unstable character. Longing for action and with finances extremely low, you decide to enlist as a Deus. You set off in search of the "Crusaders", the rewards for eliminating their members being the most attractive "on the market". From records which you pick up at Levattelow you discover that one of the terrorists, Diogenes49, was a former Robinson, and it was he who discovered the planet Alcibiade.

You decide to go there, as discreetly as possible...
  • Includes Robinson's Requiem and Deus
  • It's so hardcore, you'll die - a lot!
  • Gather food, build tools and weapons and heal your wounds to survive and make your great escape
ReadySoft Incorporated
Action / 3D Shooter